Thursday, March 21, 2013

Handmade Artists Forum - This Weeks Feature

This week I have a very special place to tell you about Handmade Artist's Forum (HAF for short). To start off here is a littler history. Andrew and Kimberly Kitchen a husband and wife team and lovers of the handmade are the creators of HAF. One of their crafting loves is Chainmaille which lead them to join a team to talk about the craft. Andrew and Kimberly offered to start a forum on one of the sites to make communication easier. After the idea being turned down by these sites Andrew decided to go ahead and set up a forum anyway. The original Forum was just a page on ChainmailleByMBOI Andrews Chainmaille site. They did not want to limit the forum to chainmaillers, so they opened it up to anyone who created, loved and sold handmade. they encouraged people to share the links to their shops and blogs and promoted the members on social media. Before they knew it the membership had grown to include people from all over the world. Now it has grown to include a blog and a place to set up a shop.

One of the special things about Handmade Artist Forum is the friendly people you meet here. In the forum there are all kinds of  discussions going on. We talk about what we are crafting, business issues, what's going on in life. Sharing what you have created, and supporting each other in what every way is needed. The forum  supports and promotes handmade and handmade artists. It is a great place to make new friends. I invite you to stop in and have a look around and feel the warm, friendly atmosphere. General Discussion is a great place to start.