Thursday, December 13, 2012

Handmade Artit's Shop Highlights

Handmade Artists Highlights

This week I would like to tell you about some of the fun we have at Handmade Artist's Shop. We build highlights which are a collection of items available for purchase. They usually have a theme, like colors, or season and so on. To make them even more interesting we have contests to see who can get the most comments and sometimes we have prizes for the most comments. Of course you can build a Highlight any time you wish to put together a group of items you want to showcase. It gives us chance to show off all the creative items the various talented artists here at Handmade Artist's Shop. When you pick the item it will take to the shop listing for more detail and maybe even to purchase. I encourager you to leave a comment and let the Highlight creator know what you think of  their collection.

You can view the actual Highlights by picking the title. 

Have A Holly Jolly Handmade Holiday

Happy Hanukkah

Hunter Green and Cranberry Highlight


  1. What a great post, and you remembered to encourage people to comment. Some of the items are just gorgeous and fun to drool over.

  2. You have done a very great job, I tried until I was nearly crying and couldnt get it work for me. You blog is great plus the post is awesome.
    Lady Faith Jewelry

  3. Nice job, unfortunately, the "Blogger" does not work the same if you are using a different operating system and browser. I get some things that Windows/IE users don't and they get some things that I don't.

  4. Great post! The toughest thing about creating a Highlight sometimes is limiting the number of items to just 20!

  5. Yay you got the pictures in! Love the highlights! Kris aka lisianblue

  6. love these highlights....they are so much fun...and a great way to shop handmade.