Friday, January 4, 2013

Featured Artist Rocky Mountain Ornaments

Today I would like to tell you about Chrissie another talented Arist at Handmade Artist's Shop. Chrissie is a single Mom of two beautiful grown kids. She is originally from Florida. Where she has lived her whole life. She decided to leave the rat race of the big city of Ft. Lauderdale when her husband passed suddenly 5 years ago. She wanted the change of seasons and the see mountains and feel the peacefulness around her and not to feel like she was being rushed to do anything. So she packed up her bags and moved to beautiful Colorado.
So once She got settled there. She brought her mother out for a visit, her mother is a longtime quilter and decided to teach her in the week she was here visiting. Now learning to quilt in a week was a very overwhelming task to learn. After her mother left everything just sat there for at least 2 months sewing machine, fabric all of it. She just didn’t know what to do she was calling her mother everyday asking questions about this and that. She just couldn’t get it. So she went online and started doing some research and discovered rag quilting. It was pretty new to quilters and as she watched YouTube videos and saw pictures of these quilts and saw how they were made and how beautiful they are. She was hooked. So she sat down at her machine and started putting a small one together and fell in love and has been making table runners, blankets, and purses ever since. She sent pictures to her mom and she loved them. 

Here is one of her lovely rag quilts.

Sweet Blossoms Rag Quilt

Candy cane
Then the holidays came around, She had been making ornaments for 15 years and always changing her color theme every year so she went online again and found these beautiful quilted ornaments and as she sawRocky Mountain Ornaments was born. 

how they were made she thought what a bonus she can still use all of the fabric that she had to make these beauties. And that is just what she did. So she pushed my rag quilting to the side and started making these little beauties and she has not stopped making them. Then one night she was taking to a friend of hers on face book and she told her about a show she was having and would love for her to come and be a vendor and that she would be the only quilter there. So she said sure. She wanted to get her ornaments shown to the public now mind you she started making these ornaments on a Tuesday and the show was on that following Saturday. She had only just learned how to make them. She sold one before she could get it out of the box. So when she got home she kept making them a week later she got a wholesale order for her ornaments needless to say she was very excited about this. And has been making them ever since and thus that is how

Her Ornaments a beautiful.

Home of the Brave Kusudama Ornament

Red and Gold

I hope you have enjoyed these beautiful creations.

Have a creative day


  1. Very cool! I can't do crafting like quilting, so admire the work. I like the rag quilts. I like the twist on something traditional.

  2. I love the quilts....I'm just a county girl and they "fit" my decor so well. The ornaments are cool too. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I am a country Girl at Heart also. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. Those ornaments are so pretty and different!